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Flourishing Framework
landscape architecture

An environmental design framework focused on human flourishing.

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Passion Project - ongoing

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Scott Liang

While I spend most of my time these days working in UX and UI, a piece of my heart still lies in environmental design. Specifically, I remain deeply interested in the impacts—from the subtle to the immense—that environments have on our health and happiness.

Unfortunately, this area is still rather fringe, with only a fraction of governments, academics, and practitioners taking it seriously (though I am thrilled to see Delos' WELL Building Standard take root), and much of the insights dispersed among isolated silos.

The Flourishing Framework is my first attempt to bridge the divides. Below, I've consolidated all I could find in the fields of governance, design, psychology, neuroscience, and epidemiology, among others, to create a departure point for anybody interested in the links between environments and wellbeing. If you're interested in this as well, I'd absolutely love to connect!