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ux design
product management

Connect with someone nearby to enjoy jokes with!

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Place Pixel - 2017

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Alex Padalko - Frontend Dev

Matt Oconnor - Backend Dev

Scott Liang - UX, UI, PM, CEO

Give Pug a try!

1.0 Arf!

Pug was a brief design + build sprint that we conduct to flex our creative muscle. With Pug, we sought to answer a number of questions:

  1. Rather than drop people into empty rooms, what would happen if we served them content after matching them (in this case, jokes)?
  2. Would it bring about a healthier culture than what developed on, say, Chatroulette?
  3. Would experiencing jokes with someone else make them more enjoyable? Could it become a regular way to brighten up one's day?


2.0 Welcome

Given that it was based on widely-known "conversational UI" conventions, using Pug was relatively straightforward. Here we use the conversational UI to onboard users.


3.0 Friending

Simply hit Add Friend to send a friend request (and meet someone else without losing the current match). Notice that there is no "friends management" in this iteration—the list of chat rooms essentially serves this purpose.


4.0 Lessons

A number of aspects we'd love to improve are:

  1. Increase the variety of content (this was the #1 requested improvement)
  2. Bring the content into the chat rooms that are created with new friends
  3. Allow users to enjoy the content while waiting for a match

Give Pug a try!