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Raceway Pier
landscape architecture
urban design

Integrating algae farming with public space in Biscayne Bay, Florida.

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Harvard Graduate School of Design - 2014

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Scott Liang

Greetings, Citizens!

Welcome to Raceway Park! Spend a wonderful evening with your family amidst the beautiful backdrop of algae production. (Raceway Park is an exploration of how the unique conditions of algae farming can be beneficially integrated with public space.)

The many layers of Raceway Park respond to the conditions of the sea

Algae Production

A catalog of the algae strains to be produced at Raceway Park

A typical raceway pond (left) and bioluminescent algae (right)

Comparing annual cycles of tourism and growing conditions (notably, nitrogen-rich wastewater runoff can be harvested to feed algae)

Park Formation

Prototyping raceway pond layouts at site

Bioluminescent algae's wonderful appeal in the evening

Next Steps

Give the opportunity, I would have loved to further develop:

  • The public space itself, including what kinds of programs and organizations could be involved
  • The financial models of algae production and park maintenance