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Tumi Clinic

A bespoke neighborhood clinic in Conroe, TX.

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Liang Taplet Design - 2009

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Justin Taplet

Scott Liang

"Tumi" is a small clinic designed and documented by Justin Taplet and yours truly. Located in a lower-income hispanic neighborhood in Conroe, TX, it was an attempt to balance the client's preferences with the unique needs of their patients in a thoughtful way.

A number of key design points:

  1. The children's room is framed at the entry to make the image of laughter and play a central part of the experience.
  2. The clinic is meant to be an important locale of the community; thus it's wrapped around a central courtyard where social events can be held. Additionally, it allows for a greened area where waiting patients can dwell and brings additional sunlight into the clinic.
  3. The main corridor is unusually wide—frequently, patients' families insist on accompanying them into the treatment area so space is provided for them to stand.
  4. The surgery room is as far as possible from the waiting area in response to some patients' propensities to scream.
  5. The doctors' offices are particularly generous, given how long they spend at work.

Notice how the kid's room is integrated with the entry and waiting experiences


I then moved on to high-fidelity prototypes. I'd normally create low-fi interactive wireframes to test usability before this stage, but had to skip it due to time constraints. Nevertheless, here's a fleshed-out prototype for you to click through:

Below are the key screens for Khan Academy 2.0. The first three depict quality of life improvements for the Bookmarks, Course Contents, and Explore views. Notice how the tab bar has been reorganized and how Search has been moved to the Explore view.

Bookmarks, Course contents, and Explore

The next three screens depict a revamped Lessons view. Lessons now fly up from the bottom when the Resume button or Course list items are tapped. Under the About segemented control is a horizontal Course progression bar (I found this to be more useful than a list of video thumbnails, which are usually vague black rectangles, anyways). And underneath that is the transcript, which can be scrolled and tapped through with your thumb to navigate the video. The brand new Discussions segmented control provides Q&A functionality that is presently only available on the Khan Academy website.

The revamped Lessons view

Lastly, the following three screens depict a brand new Discussions view (for easy access to your questions and answers) and a tweaked Profile view. The added Streak element is well-suited for the short, spurt usage that Khan Academy 2.0 is redesigned to accommodate.

The new Discussions view and tweaked Profile

To view the interactive prototype, click here. I also translated it to Chinese here, but quickly realized its inadequacies due to how dramatically more information-dense written Chinese is.

Feedback Welcome!

That's all I could get done within the time allotment. But boy, was it a fun an enlightening experience. If you have any ideas or feedback, please feel free to reach out at I'd absolutely love to hear from you :). Cheers!