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Flux City
landscape architecture
urban design

A radically different way of approaching city design.

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Harvard Graduate School of Design - 2012

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Shanji Lee

Scott Liang

Flux City was an investigation of three key premises:

  1. What functional benefits can landscape architecture provide to a city?
  2. How can one organize a city from the "ground up" (literally)—that is, from landscape architecture principles first?
  3. In this vein, what entirely new way can one approach city-building?


Here, we introduce a multi-step system for remediating stormwater runoff through natural infrastructure (wetlands). The additional benefit of natural infrastructure, of course, is that it can be further enjoyed by both people and wildlife.

Parametric Development

A fanciful, yet fascinating approach to city-making: automated design derived from a catalog of parts that responds to a series of environmental inputs.